About Us

LAILA FABRIK SDN BHD starts on a humble background and has continue to grow as a major contender to all the giants in the textile industry in Malaysia.

The company was incorporated on the 2nd April 2014 to cater the needs of the muslimah clothing industry in Malaysia. The project that started as an incubator program between two friends has turned out to be a full scaled business by the end of 2014. The company recorded an annual sales worth RM5 over million for its first financial period and had doubled the annual turnover in its second financial year subsequently.

With an ever-growing need from our customer, the company maintains its momentum and has currently become one of a major player in supply of fabrics to local entrepreneurs until to-date.

Motivated by an effective company portfolio i.e. to provide impeccable service and quality products to the clients, we have taken major step in employing dedicated and professional expertise, proper management system, stringent quality assurance programs and consistent updates of the textile industry, the company will continue to be a major player in the local textile industry.

We believe, in view to provide quality product or services, we should also provide a value-added service to our client in providing our customers with adequate information, resources and materials input and corporate services to determine future continuous faith and business relation. The implementation of this motto is achieved through and intelligence foundation of infrastructure parallel with a strategic business development network.

Conferred with excellent track record, financial capability and strategic business development network, LAILA FABRIK SDN BHD is competent in undertaking any projects.